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2015 Ford Mustang Convertible

In 2015 Ford Mustang celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an all-new design and a year-long celebration. Last year we spent a lot of time around the Mustang, but there weren’t any available to test drive until early this year. Finally I got the keys to a convertible version – perfect for nice hot summer days. Along with the drop top came a manual transmission – extremely rare in this day and age of automatics… and an incredible audio system. Does it get better than this? Some may say – of course it does – you shoulda got the 5.0 GT!! That’s true, but I wanted the 4-cylinder version because it’s got more HP than the V6 and is supposed to offer better fuel mileage… besides, I’ll test the GT later.

What Is It? 

  • Good old-fashioned Iconic American Muscle car
  • …with a removable roof
  • … and a turbo 4-cylinder engine with over 300 h.p.
  • … and a 6-speed manual transmission!!

2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com

5.5 sec

0-60 MPH = 5.5 sec / 0-100 km 8.2

148 MPH

Top Speed = 148 mph / 180kph

29 MPG

MPG – City:20 / Hwy: 29
L/100km – City: 11.6 / Hwy: 8.0 / Combined: 9.3

2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com

How Does It Look?                              

  • I just LOVE the look of the new Mustang – I think it’s the best-looking one yet
  • Not sold on the optional black rims however…
  • I liked the red interior, but don’t think it goes with the blue exterior
  • Fit and finish is really nice – Ford just keep improving their quality every year
  • Dropping the roof is just a matter of twisting a handle and pushing a button, the windows go down automatically

2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com

What’s It Like Inside?       

  • Again, the best Mustang interior ever…
  • Driver’s position is spot-on, the reach to the shifter is perfect and the pedals are all evenly placed (oddly, some cars have the brake and clutch at a different distance)
  • With the memory button it’s easy to keep your preference after someone else drives it
  • Very comfortable seats with plenty of adjustments – one of the best lumbar supports I’ve experienced in quite a while
  • Rear seats are a little difficult to get into and out of, but very comfortable – however, my wife felt that they were too restrictive in the shoulder and hip area. She had a hard time doing up the seatbelt (no smart comments here .. I think this is a legit comment)
  • Everything is within easy reach of the driver and the front passenger and the switches are a combination of modern and retro – I like it
  • The Shaker audio system is… awesome.
  • Sync is no better now than when Ford introduced it…seriously, it’s so bad even if it’s free it’s too expensive
  • The Navigation system is… crap. In combination with Sync, it’s far more distracting than driving drunk and texting. As for getting to your destination, let’s just say GoogleMap everything and print it, then tape it to the monitor – you’ll actually get to your desired destination doing it that way – see Navigation System From Hell (below)
  • Reverse Park Assist was very useful because the rear deck is quite high and when the roof is up, rear visibility is greatly diminished

2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com

So How Quick Is It & How Does It Handle?    

The Mustang Convertible Premium comes with a 2.3L Eco-Boost 4 cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. The turbo-charged 4-cylinder delivers 310hp @ 5-5,000rpm, and 320 lb.ft of Torque @ 3,000 rpm   

  • Nice crisp shifts from the 6-speed manual – not quite as good as a Japanese car, but better than past Mustangs
  • Clutch is nice and light, my only complaint is that the ‘bite’ in first gear means you really have to concentrate to ease away from a stop
  • First to second gear was hard to launch smoothly, so I started off in second and from that point on it was extremely smooth through the remaining gears – However….
  • Once I change the set-up to ‘Sport’ the first gear issue virtually disappeared! Oh and the fun factor went up a couple of notches!
  • The turbo is extremely good, it doesn’t get in the way with lag and it doesn’t suddenly wind up and catch you by surprise
  • No need for the big V8 – this engine is perfect for the car
  • Steering input is very good and can be adjusted. However, I tried the different setting and didn’t notice a difference

What Does It Cost?2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com

To Buy…   

For up-to-date pricing and options in your region visit:  Ford.com or Ford.ca

Canada ~ Base Price: $39,399 / As Tested: $49,499

U.S. ~ Base Price: $32,893 / As Tested: $39,529

To Operate…

  • Fuel economy was better than I’d expected ‘cause you don’t just drive around in a Mustang… you DRIVE AROUND!!
  • Fuel economy is rated at: City – 6 / Hwy – 8.0 / Combined – 9.3 L/100 km
  • For the entire week I averaged a best of 9.1 L/100 km and a worst of 10.2 L/100 km – very acceptable – great even considering how you drive this car (with a big smile on your face)v

The Competition

Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro

 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Who doesn’t love the Mustang? “Garbage Motors” – that’s who … because they can’t replicate it.
  • This is the best one yet – no doubt about it
  • Cowl shake is basically non-existent
  • I’m really going to miss this car
  • Everything from the heated and cooled leather seats to the phenomenal audio system and the convertible top makes it a treat to drive
  • Manual transmission – how many cars can you get one of these in? Very few… automatics are for pussy’s – Real drivers use 3 pedals
  • The ugly and bad… Sync and SatNav system – run away from these. I hear the new Sync3 is much better – I’ll wait till I try it before making judgment

 What’s The Verdict? 

Loads of power, a stick-shift and great gas mileage… why would you go for the V-8? This thing even sounds the part. Oh wait… that’s why you’d buy the V-8 – the sweetest sound in the world!

Navigation System From Hell – 2015 

First of all you can’t programme it while moving – have we ever heard of a passenger? Apparently Ford haven’t.2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com, NavigationFromHell

I never programme a SatNav or the audio system – my wife does that – from the passenger seat.

So the next-best option, since we’re doing 120km/h on the highway is to use Sync. OMG what a nightmare.

It wouldn’t accept instructions whether we yelled or spoke to it. It told us what to say, but when we said it, it thought we wanted the climate control. Hmmm… Navigation. Climate Control – yeah they sound similar.


Specific Example:  After at least 5 minutes my wife finally got it to accept the correct address and it confirmed it – the correct address – 167 Hwy 5 in Dundas. This was after touching the screen to confirm it was Flamborough and not Hamilton. We then had to touch the screen or say “line 1” (taking my eyes off the road to read) AGAIN when it came up with 2 Flamborough’s – the exact same address. (blue X = where it took us)

Taking the QEW to 403 and exiting on Hwy 6 – so far so good. It told us to exit at Old York Rd (sign says York Rd) and proceed on that road… all the way into the town of Dundas. Turn right on Cootes Dr, Left on Main St (Hwy 99 would have been quicker) then ended in the middle of a bridge with no address what-so-ever… on Hwy 8 in Hamilton!!!!

What happened to Hwy 5 and Flamborough? Why did it decide somewhere along the line that we wanted to go to Hwy 8?!2015 Ford Mustang, DrivenToday.com, NavigationFromHell

We pulled over and programmed it using the touch screen. Off we went and it immediately tried to take us back the way we’d already come from – towards Hwy 6 (fortunately I knew roughly where we needed to go since I used to live in the area).

Ignoring directions to turn right numerous times, it finally “re-calculated” and it looked like we were going to be headed in the right direction – to Hwy 5, only for it to stop telling us where to go. Finally after getting onto Hwy5 it came back on and told us to ‘Turn right in 900 metres, then an immediate left”… as we were driving past our destination – that was on my left-hand side. While turning around and in the driveway it insisted we turn around to go to its chosen destination – we couldn’t find a way to shut it off until we stopped the car. (blue X = where it wanted us to go)

On a positive note, it didn’t try to take us via Quebec when we were trying to go to Indiana like one of the other Ford SatNavs!

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