2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

2016 BMW X6 35i

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

When the BMW X6 first came out it was crucified by the majority of auto journalists’ as an abomination, whereas I absolutely loved it. Fast forward several years and now there’s several CUV/SUV’s that look an awful lot like the X6 (a very similar thing happened with the BMW GT as well)… take a bow BMW – setting the trend that gets copied several years later by other manufactures.

What Is It? 

  • Large Premium SUV
  • The first coupe-styled SUV that everyone else is now copying
  • TheBMW X6 35i is equipped with a 3.0L 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine mated to
  • an 8-speed Steptronic transmission with paddle-shifters and AWD

How Does It Look?

  • Stunning – I just LOVE the look of this vehicle
  • By far the best looking SUV on the road today
  • Love the big fat tires – makes it very tough-looking
  • If you want to climb Mt. Everest you buy a Range Rover, for climbing/driving through suburbia – this is what you want
6.4 sec

0 – 62 mph/100 km: 6.4 seconds

150 MPH

130 mph / 210 kph
(150 mph / 235 kph with optional Sport Package)

18 - 27 MPG

City – 18 // Highway – 27 / combined – 21
(L/100 km): City – 13.0 / Hwy – 8.9 / Combined – 11.1

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

What’s It Like Inside?       

  • Very BMW-ish. Nice large and wide screen for the Navigation/Audio info
  • Heated, but not cooled leather seats
  • View out is superb – nice commanding view
  • My wife asked me if I liked driving an SUV in Germany better than a regular car … Great question – Yes, surprisingly!
  • Cool Blue light-band that goes all the way around the interior
  • Loved the heads-up display – this should be mandated for every vehicle and it wouldn’t be expensive to implicate
  • Switching to Sport mode changes the dynamics of the X6 into a sports car – the dash turns red just to emphasize your decision
  • 360° camera was very handy, especially when leaving the parking spot at the airport. Unfortunately that was the only time we saw it in action – couldn’t get it back2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

So How Quick Is It & How Does It Handle?    

  • Terrific steering input and feel – even in Luxury mode! In Sport mode, superb
  • Thanks to the big fat tires it always felt solid and well planted – cornering was better than expected for a vehicle like this
  • Got the X6 up to 205 kph on the Autobahn and after a bit it got a little squirrely
  • Dropping down to 190 kph it settled down and became comfortable again
  • With a 0-100 kph (62 mph) time of 6.4 seconds – it wasn’t long ago that was Porsche 911 territory
  • If that’s not enough for you then there’s the X6 50i with 450 hp, 480 lb-ft and 0-100 kph of 4.8 secs

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

Noteworthy Standard Features

  • Park Distance Control, Front and Rear
  • Rear View Camera
  • Automatic Trunk – worked very well, I used it all the time unlike other vehicles I’ve tested
  • BMW On-Board Navigation
  • Electric Steering Column Adjustment
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Sport Automatic Transmission with Paddles
  • Lane Departure and Collision Warning
  • Lights Pkg; Surround View
  • Heads-Up Display
  • Active Protection
  • Active Blind Spot Detection

*Standard in Germany, optional in Canada: Convenience Telephony with Extended Smartphone Connectivity…$600; Bang and Olufsen (16 speaker/1,200 watt) Sound System…$4,900 (Harmon/Kardon Surround Sound System – Standard in Canada); Speed Limit Info… $350
# Standard in Canada, optional in Germany: Glass Sunroof + Bi-Xenon Headlights + Electric Seats w/Memory + Lumbar Support

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

What Does It Cost?
 To Buy…    For up-to-date pricing and options in your region visit:  BMW.com or BMW.ca
U.S. ~ Base Price: $61, 595
Canada ~ Base Price: $69,700 // As Tested: $83,968 (approx.)

To Operate…

    • Fuel economy was as expected…a little thirstier than your average BMW
    • For the entire week I averaged 11.1 L/100 km in very mixed speed levels, so the combined rating is attainable
    • Government Fuel economy is rated at (L/100 km): City – 13.0 / Hwy – 8.9 / Combined – 11.1
    • MPG (U.S.):  City – 18 // Highway – 27 / combined – 21
    • Obviously at different speeds, the fuel economy changes – here’s what I observed:

@ a steady 130-140 kph: 13 L/100 km
@ a steady 150-170 kph: 16 L/100 km
@ a steady 190-200 kph: 17.5 L/100 km however…
On one trip at over 200 kph, I averaged 12.2 L/100 km for a considerable distance

2016 BMW X6 35i, Iain Shankland, DrivenToday.com

The Competition
Audi Q7, Jaguar F-Pace, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Good: Gorgeous. Felt surprisingly small even though it is quite large. The Navigation was very good except…
Bad: Voice commands were much slower than the visual and actual – we had to do several about turns because of missed exits
Ugly: Every other SUV compared to the X6

 What’s The Verdict? 
The X6 is what the English would say: “Painfully Pretty.” It is extremely rare, even in Germany where we didn’t see another one and that resulted in many stares and double-takes from people that obviously had never seen one before. It’s the Ultimate Urban Vehicle (UUV) – © me. The base model is too basic for $69k, but if you loaded it up it would still come out cheaper than a Range Rover with the bonus of it being rare. I prefer cars to SUV/CUV’s, but this X6 would definitely change that perspective. This is the perfect day-to-day vehicle that is very easy to live with.

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Text: Iain Shankland Images: Iain Shankland & BMW