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2016 Jaguar F-TYPE S AWD COUPÉ, Iain ShanklandThe 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE S AWD COUPÉ can be summed up in one word: Purrrrrrfect. Seriously. When you’re driving this car and you’re a man: you’ll have to beat the women off with a stick, and if you’re a women… let’s just say you won’t be considered just a cougar – you’ll be a magnet.

If anyone ever says to you: “Money can’t buy happiness” – punch them in the throat and show them a picture of this car. Money can buy happiness and it’s called a Jaguar F-Type. This car is worth trading your soul for.

 What Is It? 

  • Two-seater orgasm chamber – for either sex
  • The exhaust sound is intoxicating from the moment you press the start button to the time you step on the go pedal and beyond

How Does It Look?                              

  • The sexiest car on the road today – bar none!
  • People stopped and stared, others took pictures…
  • People went out of their way to drool over it an tell me how beautiful it was
  • I’ve never driven a car that had this much attention from people of all ages
  • All cars have a better angle that makes them striking (or in some cases ugly), but the F-Type has no bad angles… it’s just gorgeous from all angles
4.8 sec

0-60 MPH = 4.8 sec
0-100 KPH = 5.1 seconds

171 MPH

Top Speed = 171 MPH / 275 KPH

19 - 27 MPG

MPG = City – 19 / Highway – 27 / combined – 22
L/100 km = City -12.0 / Highway – 6.0 / combined – 8.6, Iain Shankland

What’s It Like Inside?       

  • Driver’s position is purrrrfect. Set the multi-way seat once, lock it in the memory and no need to touch it again
  • Thanks to the panorama moon roof there’s plenty of light in the cabin – unfortunately it doesn’t open

So How Quick Is It & How Does It Handle? 

  • The F-TYPE S AWD Coupé provides an extremely rigid body shell for exceptional handling capabilities
  • 3.0 Litre V-6 Supercharged engine
  • Jaguar’s Quickshift ZF 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shifting provides fast seamless gear changes
  • Limited Slip Differential along with an All-Wheel Drive System – can it get any better?! Yes it can ….
  • Sports Suspension with Adaptive Intelligent Driveline Dynamics
  • Active Sports Exhaust
  • Jaguar High Performance Braking System with Black calipers
  • Behind the wheel, it’s extremely quick, whether you push the ‘Sport Mode” button or not
  • This car is on rails – literally, nothing upsets its balance
  • Gas pedal reaction is immediate and the brakes are incredibly easy to modulate – it’s not very often you find sports cars with brakes that aren’t touchy and grabby
  • Steering input is purrrfect and feedback instantaneous

Horsepower: 380 @ 6,500 rpm
Torque:  339 @ 3,500-5,000 rpm
Top Speed:   171 mph / 275 kph
0 – 60 mph: 4.8 // 0-100 km 5.1 seconds, Iain Shankland

Noteworthy Standard Features

  • Rear view Camera
  • HID Headlamps move, LED tail lamps
  • Smart key w/Push button start
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Panoramic glass roof that basically replaces the entire roof
  • Bi-function HID Xenon headlamps with washers and LED signature lights
  • Sports seats with leather and Suede cloth facings
  • 8 inch colour Touch-screen display

 What Does It Cost?  2016 Jaguar F-TYPE S AWD Coupe

~ To Buy…   For up-to-date pricing and options in your region  or

Base Price U.S.: $84,800
Base Price Canada: $97,500

~ To Operate…

  • Fuel economy was … uhmmm I don’t know, ‘cause I didn’t care and oddly enough neither did my wife
  • Honestly it was around 10.8 L/100 km which is staggering considering that burying the throttle is all you ever do in this car
  • U.S. (MPG) is rated at: City – 19 / Highway – 27 / combined – 22

 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Everything from the soft leather extremely comfortable sport seats, phenomenal Meridian audio system, to the growl of the exhaust pipe… this truly is a purrrfect 2-seater
  • I’ve said this with other cars, but my wife is in total agreement with this: Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to afford one. Where’s the nearest Lotto centre? MUST buy a bunch of tickets!
  • What do you mean there’s a 2016 coming out soon… and it’s cheaper?

What’s The Verdict? 
I was giddy when I booked this car for a test drive and couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. It was waaay better and more thrilling than I could ever have imagined. Driving this is right up there with being in the 2-seater Formula One car. I couldn’t imagine the V8 being any better than this – oh wait, maybe I will have to let you know about that…., Iain Shankland

Video Link to Awesome F-TYPE Video, Iain Shankland

… Room For Three!!

Text & Images: Iain Shankland
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